About the Tennessee Golf Foundation


The Tennessee Golf Foundation is the 501c(3) charitable affiliate of the Tennessee PGA Section and Tennessee Golf Association. Founded in 1990, the vision of the TGF is to impact Tennessee youth and the state’s disadvantaged through the game of golf. The Tennessee Golf Foundation is funded solely through private individuals and corporate donations, memorials, special events, and contributions from Golf House Tennessee organizations.

The Tennessee Golf Foundation (TGF) was organized through the joint efforts of the Tennessee Golf Association and the Tennessee Section of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. The TGF Board of Directors is made up of dedicated individuals, from some of the state’s business leaders to leaders in the golf industry, leading our mission:

To promote golf and its life-enhancing values with an emphasis on teaching youth, veterans and the disadvantaged.

“Every single day, we open our doors across this state to anyone, regardless of their situation, who wants to learn and grow in the game.”

Whit Turnbow

TGF Board of Directors

The TGF Board of Directors is comprised of four officers of the Tennessee Section PGA, two officers of the Tennessee Golf Association, two elected members from the Tennessee Golf Association and one board-elected independent director with no office or title with either organization.

Board & Staff